Tiny Houses for Year-Round Living. Acorn Tiny Houses are perfect for many types of people looking for a simpler lifestyle – a young single person, a small family, or an older couple ready to downsize for retirement.

Tiny Houses for Second Homes and Vacation Homes. A tiny house also makes a terrific destination home for far less than what you’d spend on a large house. And, our tiny houses are built on wheels, so they can be moved from area to area or stay in one spot!

Serving the Entire Eastern US. We provide consulting, building, and delivery from the Florida Keys to the top of Maine.

Custom Tiny House and Outdoor Space Design

Affordability and Comfort Together. At Acorn Tiny Houses we specialize in creating a custom tiny house and outdoor space to suit your particular needs, goals, and vision. From simple and rustic themes to more luxurious and complex designs, our custom approach guarantees you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for the tiny home of your dreams. We believe a well-designed outdoor space can compliment and expand your living space, extending it into nature around you.

Some of the elements we love to work with to create a big living space for your tiny house (and all these can be done off-grid!):

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor bedrooms

Stone patios

Waterfalls and water features

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits

Outdoor yoga areas

Hot tubs


Tiny House On-Site Building and Delivery

We can customize a perfect tiny house to suit your needs and personality. Each tiny home is customized for the customer, from conventional style building  to custom off-the-grid solutions.

Off-Grid Technologies for Your Tiny Home

At Acorn Tiny Houses we specialize in off-grid technologies and using the natural environment around your home to create a comfortable, functional living space. If you have no utilities available on your property, or want simpler green-built systems, we have a portfolio of off-grid capabilities to bring your vision to reality.

Some of our off-grid capabilities:

Solar panels

Passive solar

Rainwater harvesting


Rainwater harvesting

Greywater recycling

Wood-fired outdoor ovens

Outdoor Space Division

Acorn Tiny Houses can design and install a gorgeous landscape to compliment your tiny home, regular size home or office, and create an outdoor space to extend your living area. From adding night lighting to custom bamboo fencing ..we can add a simple custom feature to enhance your landscape or design and install a comprehensive landscape design.

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